Tuesday, April 7, 2009

guide on how to use points2shop and prize rebel

Hello prizerebel and points2shop are great sites to get free things! I perfer points2shop over prizerebel becuase there is so much more to it but anyway here is a guide to help you complete offers If you find this useful please sign up under my referal link!Before you click an offer clear cookies and make sure nothing is stoping you from gettin cookiesClick an offer and usually you need to input your email on the 1st pageNect page you will fill out information like you address and stuff on prize rebel use fake information but on points2shop use your real name and address but u dontt have to use ur phone or emailThen i skip all the offers on the next few pagesWhen you get to a page where you have to check yes/or on many different things then you have to click one to yes and submit! Keep skipping all that your able toWhen you get to the silver/gold/platnium page it will say Click # amout off offers what you do is jsut Click as many as it says minimize them and go to next pageYou shoul be on gold page now do the same as before click as many offers as it says to minimize them and go to next pageWhen you get on platnium page click as many offers as it says and if at the bottom it says ''bonus gift or soemthing click it if not leave all the things up you click for about 2-10 minutes! check your email for comfirmation!credit should be there but if it isnt then just wait it can take up to 7 days for offers to be approved! Clear cookies and repeatGET THESE! You can google them!Robo form - auto fill information and if u click alt- and the = key then it will select no to everything on that page 10 minute mail- 10minutemail.com you cna use this tempoary emails for eeach offer it stops you from gettin spam!Ccleaner- cleans your cookies out VERY USEFUL!Here are my referal links please use them!and ill give u a list of offers that workd for me and provide u with more help if you need it!Points2shop (reccommend this one first if your new)http://www.points2shop.com/index.php?ref...Prizerebel http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=11...